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Shane -Estimates, Designs and Consultations

Hello!  Welcome to our page.  For 20 years we have been quietly working in the  kitchen business serving K/W Guelph and Cambridge by referral and happily we enjoy thousands of satisfied clients today.  If you are a little unsure of how to begin your kitchen project give us a call or drop an email on the contact us page.  I will be the person you first meet after you contact us and likely the person on the phone.


Refinish, Reface or Replace?

Refinishing is simply a changing of the top coats on your Cabinets.  This can be as easy as painting over wood or tired previously painted cabinets, or as complicated as layering spray stain to darken your cabinets to a stronger look.  Refacing is changing doors and edges and gables and is more involved but if you want to keep your current footprint this option is ideal for you to achieve the feel of a whole new kitchen for much less than a full replacement.   

Not sure about either of those options?  We can always build you a new kitchen without all the big corporate box storeness.  


Jason and Emily -Design/Build

Making it all happen for you.  Jason and Emily are now the main show.  This family business is now mainly run by my daughter and son-in-law.   Capable and of the same easy-going nature as myself, you will find their 12 years in the business leaves them seasoned professionals.  

See us in action

Here is a video of a large project from a few years ago.  This shows how many of our projects come together from design to finishing touches.  Most of our kitchens are not this size but when they come along, we are up to the challenge!


Another Fine kitchen Makeover

Working with good people and enjoying your work to produce a satisfying experience and kitchen by design.

New kitchen project and refinished staircase

Here is a great example of a fully replaced kitchen and as a bonus for patiently sitting through all four minutes, you will see a fully refinished staircase as well :)